18 August 2008

Amrozi, Samudra, Mukhlas

The public desire to see the sentence handed-down against Amrozi, Samudra, and Mukhlas carried out has not reached fever pitch just yet. But, it is worth noting that the Attorney General, Herman Supandji, is coming under much more regular questioning about when the sentence is likely to be carried out. With a bit of luck this extra pressure will force the government into making sure the process is not being stalled for whatever reason.

The Attorney General is currently hiding behind the bureaucratic excuse that the requisite paperwork has not made its way from the courts, to the jail, and then to the OPP. This is convenient, but the government has been talking itself into a bit of a corner when it has said that it intends to ensure that the verdict is carried out before the start of the fasting month on 1 September.

By my reckoning there is less than 13 days to get the paperwork in order and get the deed done. If the bureaucracy fails to come through before 1 September, then I would imagine that a substantial lobby will form to ensure that the first thing the government does on 3 October after the Eid ul-Fitr is to see these three murderers put to death.

Just so none of you are confused here and try and read some hypocrisy into my rants. I am against the death penalty. My personal belief is that these three should rot in prison for the term of their natural lives. However, the sentence is what it is. If the death penalty is not going to apply, then it applies to none. But, if it is going to apply then it must be carried out in the same manner for all.

Thus endeth the sermon!

Enjoy your week.


therry said...

how hard is it to pull the trigger and shoot them mothereffers? gawd.

i heard now they want to be hung instead of beheaded.

it's all chop-change chop-change with these extremists.

i thought being bombers and everything they'd look forward to die.

apparently not so! they try to delay it for as long as they can! LOL

Rob Baiton said...


As I have said numerous times, if it is all about being a martyr for the cause then how much does the manner of execution really matter?

Or is it that they are not the men they claim to be; brave, strong, fearless, willing to die warriors killing in the name of Islam?

therry said...

That's what I thought too - perhaps when they were in prison they had an epiphany that there were no such thing as the 72 virgins.

I can't imagine what's next - them claiming to the world that they believe in Jesus and hope that this will give them 6 months living time?


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