16 August 2008

The Spanish Federation Cup Team

I guess the Spanish just do not get it. This pretty picture was apparently taken in February of this year and just before the Spanish Federation Cup team was to meet China in a round of the tennis competition.

Racist or not?


Anonymous said...

Why the hell do they keep doing that??? What's the meaning? What's the points? I mean that's not a normal pose for a normal person.

Perhaps what other people say about athletes are true. They're just bunch of muscles with no brains

Anonymous said...

PS: I forgot to include this in my previous comments. I did hear that Spain is a racist country. Not trying to generalise, but I am just passing words from my friend's mouth.

Apparently my friend (who is half Danish and half Peruvian) was staying at his parents' house in Spain (the parents have a residence in Madrid) with the grandmother (on the Peruvian side) and he told me people kept making racist remarks to this poor old lady.

There was this case also when some people beat a girl in some metro/underground train and it was all recorded by the security camera. However, no arrest was issued because the girl was seemed to be an immigrant (from South America, if I remember it correctly).

Even my Spanish friends said that people in their country are racists (again - I am just passing words from my friends' mouths)

So....*shrugs shoulders*

Rob Baiton said...

Writer One...

I think that the meaning is clear enough, don't you?

Why do they keep doing it? Good question! Stupidity? Indifference? Ignorance to how it can be / is perceived?

Not all athletes! I know plenty of smart athletes :D

Racism is a problem all over the world and I do not know enough about Spain to generalize that it is a racist country. Yet, the photos, if they keep coming, might suggest otherwise.