25 August 2008

Fining Lawyers

Now here is a thought!

If any bill, answers, replication, or rejoinder, shall be found of an immoderate length, both the party and the counsel under whose hand it passeth shall be fined.

Sir Francis Bacon (17th Century)


the writer said...

Now, Rob, you're giving me headache with all those law language LOL

There's only one thing my mentor said when I took the journalism-style writing before I started my work at the Jakarta Post back then:

Keep It Simple, Stupid (the famous KISS rule)

but I suppose that doesn't apply to lawyers and law terms :P

Rob Baiton said...

Writer One...

My apologies on the headache!

The reason for all the posts is that I am giving a workshop on Thursday about legal writing and these are some of the quotes I use to illustrate how bad some lawyers write :D

For me KISS is part of the solution, but probably more important is to remember that you are not writing for yourself but for someone else. Simply, that "other" person needs to understand what you are talking about!

Enjoy your day!

therry said...

how on earth do you find the time to post all these things????


Rob Baiton said...


The quotes are sitting on my hard drive as I use them to illustrate points on legal writing.

Most of these points relate to the idea that legal writing, in spite of lawyers protests to the contrary, is generally poor! :D

So, it is a simple cut and paste job...no time at all!