17 August 2008

Independence Day -- Indonesia

In honour of Indonesia's 63rd Independence Day here is the Proclamation that started it all. The year '05 is a shortened version of the year 2605 and this is based on the Japanese calendar.

In Indonesian:


Kami, bangsa Indonesia, dengan ini menjatakan kemerdekaan Indonesia.

Hal-hal jang mengenai pemindahan kekoeasaan d.l.l., diselenggarakan dengan tjara saksama dan dalam tempo jang sesingkat-singkatnja.

Djakarta, hari 17 boelan 8 tahoen 05.

Atas nama bangsa Indonesia

[tanda tangan Soekarno and Hatta]

Soekarno - Hatta

In English:


We, the Indonesian people, hereby declare the independence of Indonesia.

Matters concerning the transfer of power, etc., will be carried out in a conscientious manner and as speedily as possible.

Jakarta, 17th day of 8th month, year 05.

In the name of the nation of Indonesia

[Signatures of Soekarno and Hatta]

Soekarno - Hatta


Anonymous said...


They have this whole sack race, cracker eating kinda stuff here at the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen, which of course, began with the Upacara Bendera first.

But, unfortunately I wasn't patriotic enough to come all the way there and meet and greet with (some of) my pesky country mates *cheeky grin*

Rob Baiton said...

Writer One...

I guess people celebrate Independence Day in different ways :D

Anonymous said...

However, the simple math would suggest that the smaller the number of public education facilities the smaller the Rupiah amount of a 20% allocation to the funding of education.


I am not sure of your simple math..... If the size of public education is smaller with privatization then would this not mean each school will get more - 20% of the total budget spending??

Rob Baiton said...


I am guessing that this comment should have been on the education post and not on the independence day one...

Yep...I concede that the less the number of public schools the larger the funding for each.

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for pointing it out.

It seems that proofreading one's work is important to pick up the errors. My brain tends to type much faster than my fingers.

I have amended the statement to reflect what I had intended it to say originally.


Rob Baiton said...


btw do you have a name other than anonymous?

I can always be reached at rob[dot]baiton[at]gmail[dot]com...and I am always interested in who might be reading the crap that I post in my humble blog.

So, drop me a line if you're interested to do so. Assuming that you are someone I do not know already.


Anonymous said...

Very kind of you. Yes I read this sort of stuff and your legal stuff ... intently. I appreciate your efforts in these regards. I just wish you would offer more (free) legal advice to expats - Im sure most of us dont have a NPWP for example and are not aware what our double tax agreements amount to dll.

I will identify myself in future. And Ill drop u a gmail when I find the time - though you seem better at finding time than me.