27 August 2008


For any of my readers who are Indonesian citizens and living in Jakarta. If you are looking for a change of scene then the following might be of interest to you.

The government has determined that it can promote development in current under-developed regions by encouraging self-sufficient potential trans-migrants to uproot and move to these under-developed regions. This is in contrast to transmigration programs where the government facilitates the movement of individuals and families through the provision of financial and technical assistance.

The Minister of Labor and Transmigration Regulation, No. PER.09/MEN/V/2008, repeals an earlier Minister of Transmigration and Settlements Decision, No. KEP.105/MEN/1993. The basic premise of the Regulation is to facilitate the implementation of Article 15(3) of Law No. 15 of 1997 on Transmigration and Article 9(2) and (6) of Government Regulation No. 2 of 1999 on the Management of Transmigration.

The objectives of the Regulation are to set out appropriate government services and the obligations these entail. Secondly, it is to ensure that the regions where this targeted transmigration is to occur, does in fact provide the envisaged development of the relevant region.

There are five essential features of the Regulation:
* implementation;
* direction, services, and assistance;
* cooperation (in a public / private partnership sense);
* defining mechanisms for implementation; and
* monitoring, evaluation, and control.

These issues are then enumerated individually.

The Regulation also addresses the issue of the procurement of land as well as the development and planning of associated trans-migrant settlements.

The critical feature of this Regulation is that the targeted individuals are those that are interested in becoming trans-migrants and have the means to do so. In essence, the necessary capital to start a business venture that is going to contribute to the development of the region to which they migrate.

The Regulation has been in force since 19 May 2008 and is expected to ensure the effective implementation of the self-sufficient and unassisted transmigration program.


tere616 said...

Hm .. I haven't read it in the newspaper.

I still don't get it, sounds to me that there's no difference with the old one.

Rob Baiton said...


Cannot recall whether it was reported in the paper. I have a copy of the regulation.

The regulation deals specifically with transmigrants who are self-funded so to speak. If they want to move to somewhere off Java then the government will facilitate it.

The other transmigration program is government funded in that if you agree to move to a certain location then the government will set you up with subsidized land and other facilities to give you a head start.

tere616 said...

Well .. the difference only the fund and the location, am I right ?

Long time a go when I was a stringer journalist I've visited the old transmigration program location in Kalimantan.

I felt sorry for them at that time, the location, their life's, was the same or sometimes worst then when they were in Java.

So, with this new regulation, I just wondering, how the government are going to facilitate them.

For example, the location, is it going to be the same as before ? or can they move to the city instead of the village ? What about the legal paper work ? The transportation cost ?

Hm ... interesting to look forward of the continuity of this new program.

Phew, I think I've become cynical lately, John Oford has reminded me to be careful with my cynicism :-D

oigal said...

One way to colonise and ensure violence in the provinces.

treespotter said...

totally off topic, but you would want to watch this one...


Rob Baiton said...


A bit of cynicism every now and then is not a bad thing, particularly in Indonesia. Take that statement for what it is worth :D


Nice! This has always been the way, right? The Javanization of the archipelago (this seems more in line with the world domination ideology of some) :D


Yep, already seen it. Was thinking of a complementary post to the early one on this frog on a cross thing.