10 January 2008


Unyil is my walking companion, confidante, friend, and dog. Unyil and I, we have a deal--I take her for a walk every single day, no matter what time or how tired I might be, and she doesn't bark at people walking by. I am keeping my end of the bargain.

But seriously, the point of this post is that owning a dog, particularly a dog as man's best friend and all, is therapeutic and beneficial. I enjoy spending time with Unyil and if some one was willing to pay me to stay home and spend more time with her then I would but I have yet to find someone this wise!

Everyone should own a pet and especially children (and some adults). Pets teach discipline in that the care needed to ensure that the animal is looked after is ongoing. Even when you might be having that really bad hair day, your pet still needs attention. This is the therapy angle. A bad day always gets brighter when you get home, to both your family and your pets. One of the best parts of my day is getting home after work and Unyil being excited to see me and bouncing round in circles until I sit down and she gets a long-awaited tummy and back rub.

It is nice to be loved no matter what, and this is what pets can bring to your life.

As I sit here in the study and write this post my furry little companion is sleeping at my feet, as a matter of fact on my feet, this is an important dog strategy so that I cannot sneak away without her noticing. Reminds me of a Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) song, "I Love My Dog"...

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