12 January 2008

Soeharto Update - Critical

Well, multiple organ failure if it does not kill you forces your family to settle some still pending legal matters out of Court. The Old Fella is now not only looking his age but feeling it as well. It has been reported that death occurred but doctors were able to revive him and get him on a ventilator to assist breathing. As a simple quality of life issue I might have instructed my doctors to let nature take its course--if I stop breathing then so be it, let me go to the light!

Look multiple organ failure in anyone is a serious medical development and in an 86 year old it is very serious. But it is funny in a really sad perverse kind of a way that at this point in time the Attorney General comes out with the statement that the family has agreed to settle the Supersemar Foundation corruption case out of court. For those affected this is not going to seem like justice, but for all you god-fearing people believe in this--what goes around comes around, so your folly comes back to bite you on the ass sooner or later!

Back to the settling out of court arrangement. The action was seeking some USD 1.4 billion in assets allegedly misappropriated (for the less polite among us, stolen) from the Supersemar Foundation. Settlement would seem to suggest that the family has agreed to return something to the State but it would be surprising if it were the USD 1.4 billion that the government was seeking! There are other ongoing cases but if I was the Old Fella's lawyer I would be making sure that this settlement meant that all outstanding issues were settled. Nah, to complete this sad tale we would only need to see the miraculous return to health of the former dictator.

If only I was a cynic!

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