04 January 2008

Hidden Cameras

A warning for all!

This is a little late for the now
former Health Minister in Malaysia but make sure you check your hotel room for hidden cameras before settling down to a romp in the proverbial hay. Dr. Chua Soi Lek has been forced to resign from his post amid the circulation of a sex tape. Unfortunately, Dr. Chua Soi Lek does not seem to be Paris Hilton and is unlikely to turn this into a reality TV career or lucrative appearance fees and events and parties.

I guess the moral of the story here is if you are checking in to a hotel for some on the side sex then either check for hidden cameras or don't hold back and give the performance of your life. You might just be able to parlay it into a career in the porn industry, with movies titled like "Dr. Knows Best!" or "Sexual Health: A Minister's Journey to the Dark Side". I am sure you, my loyal readers can do better on the titling front than me.

The Malaysian Hotels Association has been releasing press releases claiming that Malaysian hotels are safe and your privacy is guaranteed. However, the recording of this video and its subsequent dissemination suggests that privacy is not always guaranteed. The encounter occurred in a four star hotel in Johor State. So, the more stars a hotel has is not necessarily any guarantee of better service, treatment, or privacy.

The age of technology and the Internet ensures that any indiscretion no matter large or small is likely to be caught on tape or memory stick by someone somewhere and then offloaded or uploaded to the highest bidder.

Apparently, the video is doing the rounds in Malaysia. The rest of us might just have to wait for it to be uploaded to the Internet, may be it already is?

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