10 January 2008

Thinking About No. 1

It is early in the new year but even saying that begets the fact that ten days have passed already--time flies even when you are not having fun!

As much as I do not like to make New Year's resolutions...I have indeed made one, but only as of today. For me resolutions are like any other rules we make, destined to be broken and broken resolutions are the seeds for disappointment and regret of not having achieved what we felt to be important to us.

The trepidation aside, I have resolved to think more about myself and a little less about others. The rationale is simply by being more true to myself and pursuing the things that I consider important, and chasing the dreams that I have, then I will by default make a bigger and better impact on those around me.

So, here's to No. 1....go get 'em!


At Home in the Queen City said...

Dude, I made the same resolution! (Yet another instance of great minds thinking alike...) With an addendum: stop giving away so much of time! And so far, just two weeks into the new year, it seems to be working.... Onward and Upward, my friend!

Rob Baiton said...

Yep, great minds!

I am absolutely certain I am not gonna keep it rollin' for the whole year!

Already feeling the pressure from a number of different directions, but still strong at the moment :)