11 January 2008

The doG - God Connection

Have you ever wondered why dog is God spelled in reverse, the mirror image. Is God a dog? or is a dog in fact God? Not that I really ever thought about it until just recently. In one of those deja vu moments, where you are thinking about something and then something comes to your attention and crystallizes the moment for you, happened to me just now. Most of my friends have blogs and I was reading the blog of one of these dear friends, a post about dogs and them taking on the characteristics of their namesakes (http://athomeinthequeencity.blogspot.com/) or that for which they were named.

This got me to surfing the Internet to answer the question, why? The Internet is the veritable fountain of information from the accurate through to the truly bizarre, but always a good starting point in any search for information and knowledge. My travels threw up this gem, http://www.geocities.com/~olelo/shelties/god-dog.html, which states that a recently discovered Dead Sea Scroll holds the answer to the age-old question of why dog is God spelled backwards.

This will need further research to confirm but it nevertheless answered the question for me and I am smiling about it even now as I write this post in my blog. But the most likely scenario for me is that most religions believe that their gods are forgiving entities that love unconditionally and my dogs have always loved unconditionally and it is this that is the ultimate connection for me.

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