10 January 2008

The Profane, the Obscene, and the downright Vulgar

I have felt the need to write this post and was thinking of doing it yesterday but caught up with other things. But now that I know my folks are going to read my blog perhaps this entry will serve as explanation rather than justification for using words that they may find offensive...hey Ma + Pa!

The post prior to this one uses words and some language that is sure to offend as many may consider it to be profane, obscene, or perhaps even vulgar. Yet, the point, albeit perhaps to subtle for some, is that the nature of the offense is more related to the context of the utterance than the utterance itself. Perhaps we should be less tolerant and thick-skinned to the vilification of those around us. Nevertheless, as times change so do our attitudes and understandings of what constitutes offensive language.

Having worked in the criminal law the words in the previous blog and some even more choice words than those do not cause my skin to crawl or cause me any particular personal offense. For others I am sure that offense is intense and perhaps acute. As some of these words are generally considered to be taboo.

I recall an instance way back when, 1992 to be precise, where I was staying with my Nan and Granch in Chepstow in south Wales not far from Tintern Abbey, and Granch was going to cook lunch. Lunch was to be faggots and mash. Now, for those of you who only know the word faggot to mean something different, then let this be a lesson in context. A faggot is simply a meatball and mash is the potatoes that accompany them. But the recollection never ceases to bring a smile to my face, the smile being more intense when people ask me what your favourite food is. Because I can answer; I love to eat faggots and mash! Huh!

So, back to the point of this post...offense is relative and to those of you that I offend with my word choices, I offer my apologies for the offense caused. I am a firm believer of constructive debate and I am prepared for people to constructively criticise my choices, provide feedback, and to try and educate me to the perils of my understandings, But the constructive debate angle allows me to do the same things back to you!

When it is all said and done, thanks for reading my blog!

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