06 January 2008

A Soeharto Update...

Things do not look so crash hot for the former Indonesian President as his health is allegedly deteriorating rather rapidly. There have been a raft of health issues for the former strongman over the past several years and these now seem to have become more acute.

The primary health problems relate to a worsening heart condition, kidney failure, and apparently significant fluid build-up in his lungs...a matter of time?

Newspaper reports are stating that Soeharto has made it clear that he does not want to be taken overseas for treatment. This suggests to me that he perhaps knows his time is near and it is not too far into the future that he will get the opportunity to meet his maker.

I wish neither suffering not death on the old fella. I would rather he was healthy and before getting that opportunity to face his maker he has the opportunity to face the justice system here on earth. The ultimate shame would be for him to acknowledge wrong doing and be punished for it now, assuming the Office of the Public Prosecutor can make its case against him.

Updates to follow if there are any worthwhile bits to update.


Calupict said...

Well, I hope in the case that we cannot prosecute Soeharto; there is an investigation to inquire what was going on at his era, especially for all murder, enforced disappearance, corruption, etc. Of course we need to prosecute other 'prosecutable' person that responsible for all these.

Rob Baiton said...

Investigation--now that is an interesting thought!

The question is how do you do it? To get people to 'confess' to what they know or what they did there would need to be some form of immunity offered. This is assuming that evidence of guilt could not be independently uncovered.

Then it takes on the form of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. There would then inevitably be arguments as to whether this is just impunity in disguise or a real attempt at healing the past.

But the reality is that for real progress to be made there must first be justice served...

I am always hopeful!