23 January 2008

Heath Ledger (1979 - 2008)

The Blog seems to be becoming a role call of movie reviews or death...I will need to work on that! But it would be remiss of me to let the passing of Heath Ledger pass without a Blog entry, not only because we share being Australian but because he was someone just beginning to come to terms with his fame and because this is another case of potential that will never be realized.

But aside from potential never to be realized the real loss here is for his family and in particular his daughter. Matilda at two years old may have memories of her father but how she comes to know her father will be through others and through the films that he has made in his all too short 28 years of life. That is sad. A child should always have the opportunity to know their parents, adoption aside if the parents really do not want to know their children. But most people who knew Ledger are saying that he was a doting father and this is a tragedy.

Was it suicide or an accidental drug overdose - I guess an autopsy will give us the grisly details on that. But it really does not matter. The constant grind of celebrity and the fish-bowl existence punishes all celebrities, where each and every action is open to scrutiny--I am glad I am not a celebrity!

My condolences go out to his family in their time of loss.

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