07 July 2009

Ryanair and Vertical Seating

Ryanair are the masters of self-promotion and generating publicity. This is irrespective of whether it is a raunchy calendar of barely clad female cabin staff or suggesting that it is time for pay-as-you-use toilets on aircraft.

So, in keeping true to form, Ryanair has indicated that it is in talks with Boeing about modifying some of its future aircraft orders to incorporate the concept of "vertical seating". To the rest of us this will become known as the standing section of the plane.

Ryanair is Europe's leading budget carrier. So, in that sense the idea makes sense. Standing room only should to all intents and purposes let them cram more people onto a plane and therefore improve profits.

The idea of vertical seating is that there will be a pole or some kind of small stool to lean against according to Stephen McNamara, Ryanair's spokesperson on this one. However, the reality is that it is likely to be more of a standing position than a sitting one.

On short haul flights, this is probably an interesting avenue to explore. Nevertheless, it would seem that the whole rationale of this idea would be that buying a standing room only ticket would have to be cheaper than a traditional seat. If it is not, then why bother to pay the same or more to stand?

I wonder what is next on the Ryanair cost-cutting agenda?

But, for now, it is "Ladies and Gentlemen, we will soon be landing at Birmingham Airport, please return to your standing positions and fasten your standing belts, thank you! And, thank you for flying with Ryanair!"


Anonymous said...

We used to joke about this when Lion Air was first launched with their super-cheap ticket price.

I guess somebody did take it seriously

Rob Baiton said...

Hey Writer...

It seems that Ryanair is not the only one looking into "vertical seating". Apparently, there is a Chinese carrier that is also looking at the possibility of cramming a few more bodies into an aircraft by getting some of them to stand up.

On a short haul flight, I could be tempted to stand if the ticket price was right. But, I would not be into standing for a 12-hour flight from anywhere to anywhere.