24 July 2009

Adam Air Flight 574 -- Air Crash Investigation

Adam Air Flight 574 was lost when it crashed into the sea of the west coast of Sulawesi on 1 January 2007. The flight had 96 passengers and 6 crew. There were no survivors. The National Geographic Channel's Air Crash Investigation program has screened a re-enactment of the fatal flight and exposed a complex set of reasons as to how this plane came to end up on the bottom of the ocean and killing 102 people.

What the investigation revealed was a culture of poor safety, poor training, and an accident that did not have to happen. Adam Air was stripped of its operations certificate and can no longer fly. However, the pain for those who lost loved ones will forever remain with them.

If you missed Air Crash Investigation the program has been broken down into six parts and uploaded to YouTube. The first part is attached here. You can navigate to each of the other parts from part 1. You can also access the videos through IndonesiaMatters.

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