01 April 2009

Business Class

Just a short note.

I am now back in Jakarta and will probably endeavour to write a few more frequent posts.

However, I did want to note that anyone thinking of flying where they conceivably could take a Qatar Airways flight, then I would highly recommend them. As I posted previously, the International Airport at Doha leaves a little room for improvement, but the flights and service were excellent.

I was surprised to be upgraded on the flight from Doha to Jakarta from cattle class (aka economy) to business class. The seat converts into a bed and after the almost 13-hour flight from Washington DC to Doha it was nice to be able to stretch out and sleep.

Anyways, back to work.


GJ said...

Lucky bugger never seems to happen to me.

Rob Baiton said...


I think they overbooked economy and there were spots in business.

There were large numbers of Indonesian migrant workers on their way home to Indonesia.

Hence, I think I got the benefit of the doubt seeing I had started my journey in DC.