05 April 2009

Sexual Barrier Protection Devices.

The Internet is a great repository for all kinds of stuff that can be used as base materials for teaching. I teach the odd legal drafting, plain English legal writing, and English for Lawyers courses, and have found some more material for this subject.

A bill to be entitled

An act relating to state inmates; authorizing a nonprofit or public health care organization to distribute sexual barrier protection devices to inmates in the state correctional system; requiring the Department of Corrections to develop a plan to properly dispose of used sexual barrier protection devices; providing an effective date.

I have the Silent Majority to thank for the link.

This is a piece of legislation that is on the cards for Florida. I am actually not so much against the legislation and do not have any moral or ethical issues with the provision of sexual barrier protection devices to inmates of correctional facilities. There are good reasons for the provision of these devices, such as seeking to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in jails, including HIV, among others.

I was intrigued by what a sexual barrier protection device is. Unfortunately, the bill does not specify in the limited extract I have as to what might be included. It does mention condoms, but I get the distinct feeling that there is more to this than just condoms. Nevertheless, it is still a good lesson in legal drafting.

When one wants legal certainty then it pays to be specific or in this case explicit. It is worth noting that a simple Google search turns up a lot of hits for the term but not a lot of definitive answers.


Anonymous said...

I got here from link referral, and I laughed histarically at the picture with the condoms.

Thanks for that! =p

Check out my blog, there aren't any condom pics, though!


Rob Baiton said...


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I will swing by your blog later today.

GJ said...

Rob , What is the female equivilent of the condom? Maybe this is why they have "broadened" the the term to "SBPD" could be wrong though.

boneman said...

well, first, about the picture.
I'm thinking those things aren't for multiple uses...the 'laundry' and hanging up to dry is not really the way to go.

Second, at least as far as some are concerned, one of the worse places to end up in jail is Florida.
Rights are eliminated off the top which gives wayto all sorts of punishments not advertised. Mental illness can be laid on a person as easily as a guard's say so, andthat can (and occasionally does) lead to shock therapy (yes, still used) and even lobotomy...
Yeah. Jail time is not a good thing ever, but, Florida? WAY not a good idea.

ANNA-LYS said...

Re-cycling in absurdom :-)

Rob Baiton said...


I believe there is such a thing as a female condom. I believe that this is the reason for such a broad and indefinite term.


I am glad you liked the picture.

It is a time of recession for some and depression for others. So every little saving counts :D

On the Florida jail system. I had heard that. I am also aware that there are plenty of people who come out of the system far worse for wear than when they went in.

Does not say much for rehabilitation now, does it?


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Indeed ;)

oke said...

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afrogshop said...

This will not succeed in fact, that's what I suppose.