25 April 2009

Coogee Beach

My apologies for not taking the camera however the plan really was only to go to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia at Maroubra. Nevertheless, after what was a longer than necessary process at the Consulate albeit painless this lengthy process meant that it was close to lunch time and warranted a detour.

So, from the Consulate we continued up and along Maroubra Road and ultimately arrived at Coogee. Dyah wanted some fish and chips and we found a little joint that seemed to sell such fare. We opted for the Barramundi and chips for AUD 9.00 and then crossed the road and ate in the park in front of Coogee Beach. It is autumn and the temperature is noticeably cooler. However, this doesn't seem to stop people getting into the swimmers and going for a dip or just doing some sunbathing to pass the time.

Eating in a park close to the beach always attracts the birds. The birds in this case are seagulls and pigeons. Be warned that if you feed the birds this only brings more birds.

It is school holidays in this part of the world so there were lots of kids and their parents around. It also seemed as though there were plenty of people taking flexi-days or people who have flexible work schedules that allow some midday day beach time.

A good morning and afternoon was had by all. Will enjoyed the park and seems to enjoy the noise. However, most of all I think Will enjoys the car seat as he goes straight to sleep no matter his mood.


Katadia said...

I found that I've changed so much as a 'tourist' ever since my children arrived. When we got around to Sydney this Easter, it was purely for entertaining the kids. The playground in Darling Harbour was a winner, even for the 12 m.o. We also liked Bronte. It had a nice rock pool for both kids (with fishies too - and the 12 m.o would say ikaaaa....ikaaa....), a choo-choo ride, and a playground too.

Now we're pretty much stuck in Canberra until the next long weekend come around. :(

p.s: commenting on your last post - you def can't take Indonesia out of me. On that Sydney trip, we feasted on Ayam Goreng Kalasan, Tahu Gejrot, Empek2, Siomay, and Abon Sapi, and of course, Teh Botol! Yaaammmeeeeeh!

Rob Baiton said...


All things for us to look forward to :D

Canberra has good parks and gardens, right?

On the PS, I guess that is my point, whatever it is that makes one Indonesian does not get checked at the border and left behind.

I do not know if this is still true, but when I left there were a large number of Indonesian restaurants in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. This is testament to Indonesians love of good food from home.

Come to think of it, it is probably time to find an Indonesian grocer to stock up on some of the essentials.

lawby said...

sorry I may have missed this point....but has your wife been to sydney before?/

enjoying a nice soto sulung at the mo'

Rob Baiton said...


Yes, she has. However, it was just a week-long holiday.

Finally Woken said...

I miss Coogee beach! I lived in Randwick for about 6 months before moving to Kensington. Oh, all the memories are now flowing back.

Hope you're settling fine, by the way.