12 January 2011

Women With Low IQ and Rich Men...

This post is based on an article that I discovered in my morning crawl through cyber space. It was published in Cleo Australia in the June 2010 edition and can be found online.

The gist of the article is that researchers from Michigan University have found that women with a lower IQ are more likely to pursue rich men in comparison to women with a higher intellect. As I read through the Cleo article I found my self shaking my head and wondering whether the story was just a beat-up or was the study real.

So, I did a Google search and found an article in the Daily Mail from the UK that reported the same study. Then I just continued to shake my head chuckling at the thought that universities provided funding for research of this kind.

According to the lead researcher, Dr Christine Stanik, it makes sense that women with limited education and career opportunities to seek out rich men to provide them financial security that they would otherwise never achieve.

I always figured it to be a stereotype without substance, but research is research, right?

No offense intended to any of those individuals in the picture with Hugh Hefner. It was the picture that accompanied the story, although I found the picture here.


Aprianti said...

What a research... :)

I wonder what the research outcome will be if the approach goes the other way around.... Rich men tend to seek low IQ women for his financial security reason?

But then again, is it worth a research to begin with? :)

Rob Baiton said...

@ Aprianti...

There are probably quite a few scenarios that might be employed with respect to what men look for in women.

Maybe why do much older European men in Indonesia tend to seek out much younger Indonesian women as "mates". Is it just a simple Darwinian 'survival of the fittest' sort of thing of sowing your seed where it is most likely to succeed?