13 January 2011

Who Owns Facebook and What is it Really Worth?

The ongoing spat between the Minister for [Mis]Communication and [Mis]Information, Tifatul Sembiring (aka TitS), and RIM over porn and taxes (whoever it was that said the two certain things in life were 'death and taxes' had not met TitS) got me thinking about over companies that could conceivably be making pots of cash out of their Indonesian presence and not paying a Rupiah for the pleasure.

So, considering that Indonesia has consistently been a leading growth market for Facebook, I was wondering how much Facebook was worth and who owned what. This has become a little easier now that Goldman Sachs has taken the Facebook plunge and made an investment that sees little old Facebook now valued at a whopping USD 50 billion.

I was led to the graphics from a couple of links at the Treespotter's blog.

The first graphic shows who owns what.

The second graphic shows how Facebook came to be valued at USD 50 billion.

I wonder if the Minister has every thought of starting a nationalist flavoured campaign against Facebook in an attempt to extract some tax revenue out of a company that is obviously cashing in on the consistently high growth that the Indonesia market is providing?

Maybe he could just go after the personal stake of founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. (Which reminds me, I have a copy of "The Social Network" upstairs that I want to watch...see ya! Oh, by the way, was there ever a film about Napster?)

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