04 January 2011

Happy New Year! And, the World Ends on 21 May 2011...

I really do hate to be the one to put a downer on your New Year's celebrations, but it is time to get a does of cold hard reality and understand that you have about six months left to get your life in order. Judgment Day is coming. In fact, it is coming on 21 May 2011. According to Family Radio Worldwide, the Bible guarantees that the End of Days will start on this very date. So, I am guessing that there is no need to be making any plans for 2012, right?

Seriously, though, the end of the world has to happen at some point. That is a scientific fact. As I recall, something about the ever expanding sun that will slowly burn up the earth. Assuming that global warming does not get us first. Or is that what global warming is? Whatever.

Anyways, back to May 2011.

Family Radio Worldwide is a "loose" organisation of believers. The name of the group sort of indicates haw the loose works. It is a hot potch of believers that are mostly kept in contact through radio broadcasts. And, thanks to modern technology, these believers are also keeping in touch with each other through dedicated websites and the like. To be fair, loose might not be quite the right term. They are a well-organised bunch. So much so that there are plans afoot to have groups of believers taking on mission work to spread the end of days message in both Latin America and Africa.

The date is important, 21 May 2011. This is the start of the ""Rapture" or the beginning of judgment of all those on earth. Ultimately, the "good" people will ascend to heaven and the rest of us will remain here on earth. You might be thinking that remaining here on earth is not such a bad gig in comparison to hell. Well, you should then be thinking of hell on earth. The idea is that those of us left behind here on earth will be destined for God-sanctioned torment and torture. This torment and torture will end only with the end of time. Perhaps heaven does not seem like such a bad option after all.

People have been trying to unravel the Bible for an end of days scenario for pretty much as long as the Bible has been around. Fortunately, no one has got it quite right and the world continues on. If I was a betting man, I would be tending to lean towards the probability that this is not going to be the end of days. The world will go on, life will go on. In 2012, I expect that Dyah, Will and I will be in Collarenebri and into the second year of my three-year commitment (it may even be longer).

It seems strange that an all-loving and all-caring God would want to get the Judgment Day happening when there is still so much good that can be achieved. I guess I have never really understood religion or God. It makes no sense to me to just arbitrarily end the world on 21 May 2011 as the Australian footy season would not have finished! Although Arsenal might have just enough time to claim the English Premier League title for the final time.

See you next year?

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