11 January 2011

Twitter or a Press Conference?

The Minister for [Mis]Communication and [Mis]Information has decided, seemingly, that the best way to get his message out is via Twitter as opposed to holding the traditional press conference.

The basic thrust of Tifatul Sembiring's (TitS) argument is taken on a decidedly nationalistic fervour. It now seems that the Minister feels it is time that this foreign infidel who is raping and pillaging the resources of Indonesia needs to be made an example of. It would seem that TitS is now arguing that Indonesians have lost the plot. Why would you want to defend a foreign economic invader like RIM who gives you a small piece of cake to placate you rather than defend the rights of your fellow citizens?

To make his point, TitS has now made the tax argument. RIM does not pay taxes in Indonesia but does help itself on average to USD 7 per customer or some IDR 189 billion per month. The Minister's argument is that this equates to RIM stealing the money of ordinary Indonesians.

The standard porn causes natural disasters is also a point in the TitS Manifesto.

It would have been interesting if RIM had have stood their ground. A ban of BlackBerry services would have undoubtedly seen some very irritated and upset politicians carrying useless pieces of telecommunications equipment.

I have no problem with the principle that foreign businesses must follow the prevailing laws and regulations of the country where they are operating. I do wonder though whether RIM is the right target for this particular fight.

Anyways, here are a few screen captures of the Minister's choice Tweets.

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