04 January 2011

Katy Perry: No Make-Up...

It is a new month and, more importantly, a new year. I have, admittedly, been a little slow out of the blocks in 2011. This has been a combination of things; enjoying the holidays before moving to Collarenebri, watching the test cricket on television, and an internet plan that counted teh playing of online games as part of one's download content. A change of plans has meant that I can now focus on the important stuff, blogging.

So, to catch up a little. It was nice to wake up on New Year's Day to find out that the most important story to lead off the new year was one that involved Russell Brand taking a mobile phone picture of his wife, Katy Perry, and posting it on Twitter. Nope, this was not a nude picture or the obligatory celebrity full-frontal I am a star happy snap, but rather it was a picture of Ms. Perry (or is that Mrs. Brand) without her make up on.

The photo has that rabbit in the headlights startled look about it. It sort of looks like the "I am just waking up so get that f*&king mobile phone out of my face" shot.

This got me wondering why this was news at all? Admittedly, Perry is a well-groomed celebrity with a very well-controlled public persona that she maintains. This includes always being well-made up on the make up front.

However, the publication of this photo is a good thing. If nothing else it shows all the fans out there that Katy Perry is just a regular girl with regular features and regular skin. Yep, under all that make up she is just like most other people. Although, most other people do not get on Sesame Street or wear Elmo t-shirts in quite the same way!

Anyway, goodbye 2010 and hello 2011!


www.tapicerias.nom.es said...

The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.

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