30 December 2008

Virginity Pledge and Abstinence

This is something out of the Washington Post and therefore more focused on what is happening in the US. However, I guess, pre-marital sex is an issue everywhere, including Indonesia. Nevertheless, the US Government is investing considerable sums of cash into abstinence-based programs, some USD 176 million at last count, so it is probably worthwhile knowing whether the programs work.

The survey (a report that appears in the journal, Pediatrics) that the Washington Post quotes suggests that there are plenty of pledgers that cannot go the distance and abstain until marriage. What is disheartening here is that those that cannot go the distance are significantly more likely to engage in unsafe sex by neither using condoms or birth control.

I am guessing I will have to do a little more research to try and track down figures for Indonesia (assuming that they exist) and see what sorts of comparisons can be made.

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