20 December 2008

Secret Garden

I have been up all night translating the new Indonesian Mining Law. There is a reason for this madness, money. That got me thinking, "show me the money" and Jerry Maguire, and ultimately the Bruce Springsteen song from the soundtrack, Secret Garden.

I had not heard the song for some time, but the other week I bought a Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits album and this was one of the songs on it. I really like the song. The words are worth following in order to really get a feel for what the secret garden is all about.

You can view the song here or you can watch the embedded version that I have included here. They are different versions.

The lyrics of the song are:

She'll let you in her house

If you come knockin' late at night

She'll let you in her mouth

If the words you say are right

If you pay the price

She'll let you deep inside

There's a secret garden she hides

She'll let you in her car

To go drivin' 'round

She'll let you into the parts of herself

That'll bring you down

She'll let you in her heart

If you got a hammer and a vise

But into her secret garden, don't think twice

You've gone a million miles

How far'd you get

To that place where you can't remember

And you can't forget

She'll lead you down a path

There'll be tenderness in the air

She'll let you come just far enough

So you know she's really there

And she'll look at you and smile

And her eyes will say

She's got a secret garden

Where everything you want

Where everything you need

Will always stay a million miles away


Brett said...

Dude, Mining Law + Jerry McGuire + Bruce Springsteen = WRONG on so many many levels! ;-)

Rob Baiton said...

It is, isn't it?

Not enough sleep I guess :D

rani said...

I like the movie. The song is alright, though. I once loaded it into my ipod and by now the dialogues are already stuck in my head *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I preferred This Hard Land and Brilliant Disguise myself. Rob, why did you have to translate teh Mining Law - isn't there an official release being made available, or is everyone having to make their own? Shane

Rob Baiton said...


It does stick in the head, doesn't it?

Anonymous (Shane)...

Someone asked me to do it. I do not know if they are releasing an English version and if they are, when.

Anonymous said...


I ask because I've seen translations of KepMen 555 with differing interpretations due to differing translations, and was hoping they might resolve this one particularly as it's likely to end up in International Arbitration. Thanks for the info, Shane (Anonymous because I don't Google/Blogger etc.).

boneman said...

Well, Merry Christmas, Rob and new family! (old family, too)

'Course, you don't actually need presents, this year, as you and your wife got the very best, already, eh?

That makes you SANTA!

Rob Baiton said...


I would have figured on a key piece of legislation like this that there might be an official English language version produced by the Department (hopefully outsourced to quality translation services, unless of course they have those skills in-house).

Agreed, in the sense that there are hardly any ever official translations of Indonesian legislation issued by the relevant departments or by setneg. This results is myriad interpretations of what the provisions actually say and mean.

On the translation front. I sometime humor myself by cutting and pasting chunks of text into Babelfish and see what it churns out. It humors me because I have outsourced translations in the past to sworn translators and others that look suspiciously babelfished! The grammar on Babelfish is always poor and sometimes (often) the words chosen are incorrect for the context.

This is why people ask me to translate stuff. I think it is the, "you have a legal background, so you must know legal language, and you have been working in Indonesia law for a long time, so you must know Indonesia law." I am not sure that this is sound logic, but people keep asking and coming back for more :D

All that said. To be honest, I have not heard of the ESDM (energy & minerals) people talking of putting out an English version. Maybe they will contact me after having read these entries and save themselves the trouble of translating it again.


Thanks for the wishes.

And, the same to you and yours. I hope it is a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. May 2009 be an improvement on 2008.

yes, we certainly have the best present we could have hoped for this year.

I guess I am santa this year. Although, I think the Wife would claim she did all the work in growing the present and then delivering the little fella.

JED-ReVoLuTiA said...

Secret Garden is my all-time favorite Springsteen's song. This song has made me fallen in love with boss. I still consider this as the most mesmerizing song ever.

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

It is one of those songs that seems to stick in your head. Probably even more so if you think about the lyrics some.

Perhaps in that sense it is mesmerizing!

All time favourite? Probably not. But in the top ten Springsteen list, for sure!