26 December 2008

Christmas Movies and Cable TV in Indonesia

It's Christmas, well technically it is Boxing Day, so I am not going to focus on the negative. Instead I am going to focus on the positive.

I have gotta say that the Hallmark Channel had a great line-up of Christmas movies. Their program culminated with "A Grandpa For Christmas". Too bad that Will, the Wife, and I had the day out shopping.

Getting off the topic of my own post, it is great to live in a country where last minute Christmas shopping actually means you can go out on Christmas Day and shop!


tere616 said...

Well, can't say am happy or not. But I wish, someday I can celebrate christmas in a country where most of the people celebrate Christmas.

BTW, A Grandpa For Christmas, is the only movie I can watch after the hectic, busy and funny Christmas lunch at home.

Happy Holiday Rob, Mrs Rob and Will :-)

Rob Baiton said...


It was not about being happy or not. When you take all the commercial stuff out of Christmas and talk of its pagan origins, then it really is a personal experience shared with family and friends.

In that sense, it does not matter where you have your Christmas ;)

I just figured that the cable tv here is essentially imported and Indonesian ads inserted, so I would have figured on HBO, Cinemax, and Star Movies having a much more solid Christmas line-up.

Thanks for the wishes. I hope you enjoy the holiday season with you and yours as well!

tere616 said...

Hahahaha, yes, you're right :-D

There's nothing in this world can replace the Christmas eve with our dearest family.

Maybe Rob, because Christmas is not as the major celebration in Indonesia :-)