31 December 2008

More on Virginity

It is amazing what one stumbles across while surfing the Internet. It seems that there is a thriving market in terms of auctioning off one's virginity to the highest bidder. I am wondering, irrespective of the purpose or rationale for such action, whether this is just a case of prostitution through the medium of an online auction.

Then there are other concerns like how does one know if they are getting value for money? Specifically, that the claim of virginity is real. There is plenty of research that would suggest that a simple hymen test is probably not the best indicator of virginity.

Anyways, Natalie Dylan (apparently not her real name), a student from San Diego, is intending to finance here graduate school education by selling her virginity to the highest bidder. You can find news and commentary on this here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. What is interesting, aside from the fact that this looks a little like prostitution, is that this girl apparently has an undergraduate degree in women's studies from Sacramento State (which if I am not mistaken is part of the California State University system).

By all accounts it is Howard Stern that is going to kick off the auction process. Anything that Howard Stern is involved with is likely to push the edge of the envelope and worth watching in that car wreck kind of a way.

I am not sure that I will be following this story through to its conclusion, although it was a fun read, it just has that "beat up" feel to it! That said, I would be interested to find out how much she settles for and whether or not we get to see the wining bidder.

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schmerly said...


It looks like the young lady?? in the background is about to lose her virginity with her head down the bog!!

I did think of selling myself on the internet, but I don’t look to good in drag or anything else for that matter!!