13 March 2008

Who Doesn't Like Bruce Springsteen?

Well, not liking the Boss can be a fatal past time. So, perhaps it is better to just say that you do even if you don't. A Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) woman stabbed her partner to death because he did not approve of the Boss. When her partner suggested that her choice of music, a Bruce Springsteen CD, was not par for the course, she decided enough was enough and went to the kitchen grabbed a long-bladed knife and with one mighty swing severed the aorta and oesophagus.

Now, this occurred after a morning session of beers. When the police arrived, the simple statement from the stabber was "I mean, who the hell doesn't like Bruce Springsteen, for God's sake?" The moral of this sad story is simply that if you are going to mix beers and the Boss then it is best to say that the Boss is one of your favourite artists. Unless of course you are a person of principle and are prepared to die for your principles!

As part of her defence, her lawyer said she had a "brain snap"! I would have thought that was a bit of an understatement considering she killed the bloke for no other reason than not liking the music of Bruce Springsteen.

Well, she now has a sentence of 8 years in prison for the manslaughter. So, she has a little bit of time to think about just how good the music of Bruce Springsteen really is!


At Home in the Queen City said...

Wow.... even after many beers, I've never felt quite that passionate about any musician.... Well, okay, maybe Cold Chisel ;-)
What a story.
"Ahhh, who needs that sentimental bullshit anyway?" -- all time favorite line.

Anonymous said...

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