12 March 2008

Dolphins & Whales

Nature at its magnificent best...perhaps us humans can learn a thing or two from the animal kingdom as it comes to helping those in distress!

A dolphin by all accounts has saved the lives of two distressed pygmy sperm whales that had become disoriented at Mahia Beach on the East coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Conservation officers were seriously considering euthanizing the two whales, a mother and her calf, but not to be deterred up swims a solitary dolphin and guides the two whales back out to sea and presumably back to the ocean life.

So, animals can talk! It seems that dolphins are as smart as the scientists say they are. Probably lucky for dolphins and for the two whales that dolphin meat is not the same sort after delicacy that whale meat is in Japan!


At Home in the Queen City said...

Seriously, dolphins rock. I love reading the stories about people stranded in the ocean being helped by dolphins. I also love watching the tourists run for their lives when the dolphins come in close to shore in Florida! They considered putting up signs illustrating the difference between dolphin and shark fins, but then decided, Nah, it's fun to watch them run!

Rob Baiton said...

"Dolphins rock"...unless you are the Miami Dolphins then you are "rock bottom" :)))

Run Forrest run it's a dolphin!!!

mulia said...

I raed in Camden Market last month: "Dolphins are Gay Sharks"

I m sure you disagree.

Rob Baiton said...


I could disagree with you just for the sake of disagreeing with you, but that is no fun nor is it a challenge!

But, I will go and do a little extra research on the subject because I gotta say I have not heard before that dolphins are just gay sharks :D

Enjoy your weekend!

R.A.R. Clouston said...

Dolphins do indeed rock, and they also talk. Please check out my blog at

Rob Baiton said...

RAR Clouston...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Comments are always appreciated.

Even more appreciated is that you found a post worth commenting on from more than 18 months ago.

I will check out your link.


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