11 March 2008

When Will Australians' Learn?

An Australian caught with 2.9 grams of hashish on a Kuta street in Bali on 12 January 2008 now faces the prospect of up to 10 years in jail along with a fine of up to IDR 500 million.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor has completed the case file and have recommended three separate indictments. The least of these is a six month jail term. However, the six month term is for those admitting to being drug users and to seeking treatment for their addiction. This will be the likely outcome but the point and question remains: When are Australians' going to learn that having and carrying drugs in Indonesia is going to get you jail time if and when you get caught?

This generally pans out to a six month sentence where by the time the court case is completed there is maybe one or two months maximum left to be served.

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