13 March 2008

A Further Schapelle Corby Update

It seems ninemsn.com and Channel Nine have been a part of a deception in relation to the recent allegations that Schapelle Corby was seen out of jail. Having followed up on the reports and having received some anonymous criticism for the "tripe" that I posted regarding this, I am taking this opportunity to put some other facts on the record.

The photo that I copied and pasted from the ninemsn.com site is indeed a photo of Schapelle Corby but it is NOT the photo that was shown on A Current Affair or to Schapelle's mother. However, in my own defence the points that I made I believe remain valid, namely: that Australian prisoners may need to think long and hard about whether they take advantage of any prisoner transfer system put in place. Like the buyer of anything the Australian prisoners in Indonesian jails will need to read the fine print.

The following was issued in response to the ACA program.

Kay Danes / Foreign Prisoner Support Service release.

Attention: Media Watch

Re: ACA [Ch9] victimisation of Schapelle Corby

As you know, Schapelle Corby is a prisoner in Kerobokan Prison. Recently I tuned into the Australian television "A Current Affairs Program" on Monday evening 3 March 2008. I could not believe that they had compiled an elaborate story to mislead the Australian public. Airing photo's of tourists who resembled Schapelle and her sister Mercedes and alluding that they were in fact, Schapelle and her sister, enjoying a night on the town - unsupervised by prison police.It was devastating the way ACA compiled the story but more disturbing was the fact that they refused to show the said photographs to Schapelle's distraught mother unless she agreed to view the photo's on air. Then they had the audacity to ask her how she could be so convinced that the photo's were not actual photo's of her daughters. Rosleigh Corby has just lost her former husband to cancer and at the time the photo's were taken, his funeral was underway and Mercedes had flown back to Australia to attend.I am of the understanding that the girls who took these photographs were attempting to sell them to the Australian media, although I personally cannot verify that. In any case, I strongly believe that Schapelle's current legal case will suffer as a result of the ACA program and that is more than just unfortunate, it is in my opinion, highly concerning.Foreign Prisoner Support Service is lodging a formal complaint to the Australian Attorney General's Office in relation to the continued victimisation of Australian detainee Schapelle Corby.Prisoners are not, and should not, be put at risk simply to increase ratings or to sell more newspapers. The story was nothing more than sensational rubbish based on hearsay from people who don't even know Schapelle Corby, have never met her or her family!

The moral of this story is do not always believe what you first read or hear no matter what the source. The points made by Kay Danes are important and worth noting!


Carl Parkes said...

Hello and thanks for posting that photo of the Bali pot girl perhaps out chatting with friends on leave from prison. I had read the story when it appeared, but never saw the photo, and yep, it doesn't look like Sharpelle Corby. At this point I think she's still in prison, but they confiscated her cell phone, and then later passed a resolution that would allow inmates to have cell phones.....to solve the cell phone problem. Weird.

I got your link from a post by Jakartass. He seems to think you are OK, and since I think Jakartass is OK, then maybe you are OK.

Rob Baiton said...

Hey Carl...

Just about to put a link to your blog onto my blog (hopefully you do not mind)...

Schapelle Corby is still in prison. I am pretty sure she ended up getting the cell back but I would need to ask to be certain.

On that front Indonesian jails are now installing payphones for inmates to use. Easier to monitor apparently and this should reduce the inflow of drugs into prisons.

Well, it sounds like a good a reason as anything else, and that is the reason being offered up at the moment!

The cell fiasco cost Schapelle her remission at the last round of remissions. For my money, a little harsh considering some of the more serious breaches of prison rules that I have heard about.

Weird -- one of many words that conceivably describe the Indonesian prison experience.

Thanks to Jakartass! I have known the man behind the Jakartass blog for a number of years (not sure if he recalls me but we once taught together)...On the "maybe you are OK" front, it is probably maybe that is the operative word here :)

Thanks again for stopping by...


Carl Parkes said...

thanks for your response, the corby case is imho a travesty of justice, when a pot smuggler gets long prison term, but Suharto and his economic cronies never get prosecuted. Fortunately, they got Tommy, if only for a limited time. I don't know if you've ever smoked pot, but I have, and it's nothing worth the judgements against the evidence.

Jakartass is doing his best in the Indonesian blog atmosphere, where there is a serious lack of expat bloggers in Indonesia who want o contribute their opinions. I just don't get it. Indonesia, and Bali in particular, has loads of educated expats, yet it seems almost impossible to find decent bloggers coming from Indonesia. Jakartass will address this problem, but what are your views?

Also, more photos, less legalese, shorter posts, more frequent posts, and more stuff about what you do and what you feel.


gravyliz said...

I just watched ganja queen on hbo an I was floored!!! This poor girl is going through all this for nothing way to ruin someones life! Seriously over weed? come on now maybe the people who are putting her through all this should smoke some weed and chill the hell out. How can we help her? Is there a way to write to her?

Rob Baiton said...



All this because of 4.1kg of weed!

In Australia she probably would have got an administrative slap on the wrist in the form of community service or perhaps even a suspended jail sentence thrown in. She might have even done some minimal jail time. It is unlikely that it would have been anywhere near 20 years.

I have not seen the "Ganja Queen" so I cannot really comment on that or the content of the film.

There are divergent opinions as to her guilt. I personally think she was involved in some way, although I tend to think that her brother was the actual courier.

Anyways, thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Enjoy your weekend!

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