13 March 2008

The ACA Photo...

Gotta say now that I have seen the photo, I do not see the resemblance! The 'Mercedes' in this photo does not look like the real Mercedes and the 'Schapelle' in this photo looks nothing like the recent legitimate photos that I have seen of Schapelle. The primary differences I can see are hair length and body shape.

I must admit I have never met Schapelle in person.

Perhaps I should have done this research before I made the original post and been more critical of A Current Affair and Channel Nine in manipulating this for ratings.

Nevertheless, the points I made about prisoner transfers and Indonesian prisons remain valid.
Thanks to all those that commented on the original posts on this topic!


GJ said...

Hi Rob,
At least you have put the record straight. Mistakes can be forgiven when admitted. Unfortunately the Aust. media fail to grasp this most times.


Rob Baiton said...


Unfortunately, I have fueled the sensationalism fire on this one.