22 March 2008

Indonesia - The Good Stuff

Recent to and fro on the blog circuit has highlighted something to me that I had not necessarily paid particular attention to in the big scheme of things; positive imagery of the peoples and cultures of Indonesia. Those blogs are out there usually written by people with an interest in bringing particular parts of the Indonesian experience to us through their travels, living conditions, or just simply because they are there and they can!

My blog was from the outset more a commentary type of affair with a particular focus on law and politics, but with elements of personal experience and interaction with Indonesian culture, Australian culture, and anything else that took my fancy at any point in time.

Some requests have included more positive imagery of Indonesian and your Indonesian experience, more photos, less writing, less legalese, and more other stuff! I will try and be a little bit more responsive and slowly but surely incorporate as much and as many of those requests as I can.

I propose to do this over many blog entries. I will keep posting the posts in a similar vein to those that I have posted so far. But I will endeavour to ensure that I post much more content and that additional content will focus on positive reflections on my experiences in Indonesia.

This photo is of Kupang (West Timor) and is from my personal collection.


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