18 February 2008

"Winning" is Just a Matter of Location

I always used to wonder what happened to the "Champions" t-shirts and caps that were pre-made but not anymore...Even in losing someone gets to be a winner!

The foregone conclusion that was a New England Patriots win in the 2008 Super Bowl did not only not happen but there was the dilemma of what to do with the pre-made goodies celebrating the win that never happened. There was obviously no such dilemma for the underdogs and eventual victors, the New York Giants!

Apparently, the World Vision organization has a deal with the National Football League (NFL) that allows for this merchandise to be shipped off to the needy in far away lands. These far away lands probably have little or no interest in who the 'real' NFL champions were anyway. And the poor and needy kids now wearing this merchandise are just happy to have a new t-shirt and hat. Call it pro-active recycling where losers become winners! At least in Nicaragua the New England Patriots are Champions of the (NFL) World :)

So, the children of Nicaragua are now proudly wearing t-shirts and caps proclaiming the New England Patriots as NFL Champions. The fact that the New England Patriots are not the Champions is irrelevant but the real winners here are who ever dreamed up such a great idea.

I salute you!


At Home in the Queen City said...

Whoa....I just finished a conversation with someone about what happens to all of the pre-printed DUKE NCAA CHAMPS t-shirts and the like ;-) I feel certain that the ratio of pre-printed Patriots to Giants paraphenalia was at least 10 to 1, no one (but yours truly and perhaps Eli Manning) thought they would win. Glad to hear it all gets put to good use overseas.... No doubt some fine duds can be found in the Southeast Asian flea markets, right next to the HELIO KLITTY t-shirts (one of which I wore proudly back in the US until some rat bastard took it from me...or I lost it. Whichever.) ;-) Go HEELS!!!!

Rob Baiton said...

Yep, it would have just been too perfect for the Patriots to have won this one! It is like airlines with good safety records, the odds about you keeping that record have gotta be stacked against you, right?

I can probably track you down a Hello Kitty T-Shirt if you want and send it to you!

It seems that in the ACC if you're ranked 1 or 2 in the national polls you get done by a non-ranked ACC opponent, thanks WF!

Agreed...Go HEELS!