27 February 2008

God Hates Australia

It is important to learn something everyday. Today I learned that God hates Australia!

I have written about the Westboro Baptist Church in passing when I wrote my post about the passing of Heath Ledger. This little flyer is something they published at the time when they were jumping up and down claiming that God had already started to visit his wrath on Australia and had started with Heath Ledger. It appears that Ledger's crime against God was to portray a homosexual cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. I guess this means that the Christian God really is a vengeful God!

Generally, I try and be understanding of all, even the far Christian right, but this supposed Church is so far right that I do not think they are in cooee distance. Besides, I just do not see that rational argument is an option here. Look, how do you argue a rational point of view with a Church whose website address is www.godhatesfags.com? Afterall, these are the same religious zealots (I must admit other words came to mind other than zealot) that protest at the funerals of returned service men and women in the US.

Apparently, God is killing America's young men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq as punishment for moving away from the pure teachings of God. It appears that in particular God sends down his wrath against anyone or any country that tolerates homosexuality.

The above just goes to show that there is no one religion that has a monopoly on fundamentalist teachings and interpretations. Even ones that seem to cross the line to vilification and hate speech in some pundits books!

At least Australia can now move on from the "where the bloody hell are ya?" tourism campaign and onto one such as this: "Come and visit the most corrupt and decadent place on the planet" or "hurry to visit the most corrupt and decadent place on earth before the wrath of God takes it all away!" I would imagine that if the Westboro Baptist Church is right then Australia will not have a lot of time to capitalize on this pre-wrath destruction so Tourism Australia better "get the party started", to borrow a line from Pink!

This is a good test for those who clamour to protect free speech and those who seek to limit free speech. The flip side of free speech is the freedom to ridicule, to insult, to belittle, and to mock, among others! The question though is when does this apparent freedom to ridicule and insult cross the "line in the sand" to vilification or other criminal speech?

I am a big believer in free speech but an equally big believer that if one wants to enjoy the freedoms of speech then they must respect that this is not an absolute or unlimited freedom and be responsible for the words they utter!

I am sure that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church believe whole-heartedly what they preach and most, if not all, would be prepared to go to jail for their beliefs. Ahhhh, such is the power of religion and faith in God!

But no matter what the Westboro Baptist Church thinks -- I am proud to be an Australian and will remain proud right to the end whenever that may be! So, Westboro Baptist Church -- you lose!


Rob Baiton said...

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Anonymous said...


The men, women and children killed in the Victorian fires where kind, innocent lovley people. How dare you make such rude comments like that. You are all going to burn in hell!!!

contact me on jack_rayment@hotmail.com

Rob Baiton said...


It has taken some time for someone to be "inspired" and to comment on this post.

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I am assuming that your comment is directed at the members of the WBC and not at me?

Anonymous said...

Those fires in Victoria were lit by total idiots with total disregard to their fellow humans. Several have been arrested by police and will now be punished. If it was "gods way" wouldnt these people go unpunished for doing the right thing?
Religion is the root of all evil and always will be because people like this make up their own rules as they go along forming cults not helpful, loving groups to the benefit of society.

Anonymous said...

If this tosser ever dares visit Australia, I will personally pick him up.....deliver him to the bushfire victims and tell them that he was one of the arsonists

Stu said...

Up until mid 2008 I worked for 2 years for the Exclusive Brethren, my Christian partner , who used to ring me when we first met claimed the devil was in the room and she was chanting "I am washed in the blood of Jesus", the Brethren's minds have been brainwashed by heir Grand Vessel, you are not like minded so will not enter the Kingdom of heaven, my partner (praye meetings 3 times a week ,[they had some real fruit cakes] we went to Church Sat and 3 times on Sunday became Ministry of Help people and after my son committed suicide I had an accident and while in hospital my Christian partner cleaned out my retirement savings $450,000 and then perjured herself in court about our relationship and claimed she was stalked. The type of person who wrote that God hates Oz probably has a childhood potty problem and plays with himself, his outrageous comments are meant o shock because he probably has an intellingence quotient of 0.

Rob Baiton said...

Anonymous 1...

I do not know whether you are the anonymous that posted earlier as Jack. If you are welcome back! If you're not, then I prefer people to identify themselves with a pen name or initials or something. This is just so I can distinguish one anonymous from another.

The WBC is certainly out there are have some strange ideas about religion, churches, compassion, forgiveness, and God.

I guess that time will tell whether the arsonists responsible for these tragic and destructive bushfires claim to have been so ordered by God to light the fires.

Anonymous 2...

An the anonymity thing, same point as above.

I am pretty certain you would not be the only one seeking to serve this fella up to the victims of the bushfires.


This highlights the fact that fanatical religious cults can exist anywhere. Not all that familiar with the brethren.

But thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Sir Cumfrence said...

HI Rob et al,

Great post Rob. I was also upset by the WBC article about the fires. Your point about the freedom/responsibility of free speech is a good one.
I am a little more reactionary than you though. I think people like the WBC are dangerous and need to be opposed.

Sir Cumfrence