27 February 2008

Film Festivals the Japanese Way...

It is being reported that this weekend will see a rare festival or more aptly a screening of Japanese "sexual films". Unfortunately, I am not in Japan to see this rare festival and cannot rightly say whether 'sexual films' is code for pornography. Nevertheless, I am guessing that it is. The festival is the 'Extreme Love Festival'. It seems that the Japanese do not do anything in moderation!

It seems that the French are quite happy to be involved in the screening of films with explicit sexual content. To this end the French Embassy is sponsoring two French films; "Baise-Moi" ("Fuck Me") by Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi and "Une Vraie Jeune Fille" ("A Real Young Girl") by Catherine Breillat. If I recall correctly Baise-Moi ran into some censorship trouble in Australia when it was to be screened there.

Generally, porn is readily available in Japan but the genitalia are obscured or blurred. The Antara news report suggests that it is not uncommon to see the blokes flipping through pornographic magazines on the subway trains of Japan. I gotta say, I was in Tokyo last August (2007) and rode the subway everyday for a week and did not see anyone flipping through a porn mag! Although there does not seem to be any such modesty or prohibition when it comes to hentai or pornographic comics.

I wonder when Indonesia will have an "Extreme Film Festival". Nah, I am not really wondering as it will not happen in my life-time. But then again, never say never! :)


Adil said...

Didn't we use to have (or maybe we do still have) Indonesian softcore porn theatres in Jakarta? But none of those skinflicks would warrant a film festival.

Rob Baiton said...

I do not know!

I am a good boy and would never go to a soft porn skin flick :)