19 February 2008

Ban the Babies

This was part of a choice heading from the Sydney Morning Herald which in full reads "Ban the babies, say air travellers". This very worthy news piece was based on a survey of 2400 Australian travellers on the totaltravel.com website. A whopping 81% of respondents to this very worthwhile survey said that babies and presumably the baby's parents should be segregated on long haul flights.

The primary reason offered up here by respondents was that listening to a baby cry for 12 straight hours is no fun. Really, are you kidding me? I have not seen a baby cry for 12 straight hours but whatever.

Sitting next to or in close proximity of someone with questionable hygiene standards is also the proverbial pain in the arse from what I can tell. Have you ever had to sit next to someone who flicks of their shoes and then have the heady aroma of toe jam float around you and the cabin for 12 hours or so. Nope, lucky you! But my take would be that these hygiene-challenged individuals should also be segregated for my flying pleasure.

It is only a small leap before we want to start segregating people based on other supposed differences..."Sorry sir, but you have blue eyes you may only sit in rows 21 to 25"..."Sorry ma'am but it says on your ticket that you weigh 65 kilograms, you may only sit in seat number 10D, we have to keep the aircraft balanced you know!" Ohhhhh, the discrimination of it all!

We should never forget that at one time we were these screaming cantankerous little buggers we call children. Give the parents a break you only get to enjoy their pain for a mere 12 hours, they get to enjoy it for the whole holiday!

Wake up and smell the coffee, order another wine, whack in the headphones and chill to the latest movies or the latest groves without having to leave your seat. One thing airlines have become so much better at is in flight entertainment. So, get your money's worth there and stop worrying about the screaming kiddies! Have you ever noticed that with the improvements in in-flight entertainment there has been a corresponding decrease in the level of service provided by the flight attendants - how bizarre?!?! :)

Happy Travels!


oigal said...

Nagh...the fat dudes...anyone over 120KG has to buy two seats..

ALthough in Indonesia..the carry on baggage..its outta control

Rob Baiton said...

I am a "fat bastard" but not 120kgs! So, I still get to be a one seat wonder!

"Carry on baggage is outta control"... it's like taking a mikrolet people carrying on cardboard boxes and plastic bags in addition to their "one" piece of hand luggage...so, I am just waiting for that day that someone tries to 'pulang kampung' and carry on a chicken or a goat! Then my Indonesian experience would be complete :)

oigal said...

In fact, one of the funniest things i have ever seen was on a Gurada flight..

Lil ol lady (125 Years old if she was a day) obviously straight out of the village, first plane ride ever..

Boarded the plane, and just like on the bemo bus..first on best seat (nearest the door). Hmm trouble is this is first class..but she ain't budging..no matter what the Hosties (pc incorrect)said or did..She was there first and none of these young uns were gunna trick her into giving up her seat..

God bless her cotton socks!! laugh

BTW..In the end they let her stay

Another Indonesian Minties Classic moment