26 February 2008

God and Hitler

It seems that God and Hitler are going to be disciplined after attending the same party. The wash-up to the Australian soccer season was a grand final ceremony / party to mark the end of the season.

One player of German extraction (born and raised in what is part of the former East Germany) saw fit to wear a costume that made him look like Hitler. There is no surprise here that someone complained (anyone remember Prince Harry wearing an SS uniform several years back?). There is little doubt that Hitler was a bad dude and was ultimately responsible for the perpetration of a Holocaust so it begs the question; when are people going to realize that getting dressed up as this bloke is going to get you into trouble?

On the God front -- it is not clear who complained but the offence it seems was to dress up as God and then blacken one's face. The news piece does not really go onto outline what the offence is with regards to dressing up as God. I am guessing it is not the white robes but rather the blackened face that offends, but assumptions are always dangerous! It is not like we know whether God has form and we know even less about the colour of the skin. The basic assumption seems to be that God is a man (after all if you are Christian you know that God created Jesus in his image!) and as Jesus is usually painted or drawn or characterized as being white then God must be white too! So, maybe the black face is the problem???

No need for a long and drawn out debate on this one about the origins and form of God or Jesus for that matter.

More updates to follow if there are any follow-up news pieces regarding the disciplinary process, I suppose.

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