18 February 2008

Mt. Merapi

Following on from the previous post I also had the chance to get up to the foothills surrounding Mt. Merapi whilst in that part of the world. I also had not been to Mt. Merapi for an even longer time than the amount of time since I was last in Yogya. So, long in fact that there has been an eruption or two since I was last there.

Climbing Mt. Merapi is on my bucket list and as I am now moving into the "you're an old bastard" list as well, it is high time I organized this otherwise the bucket will get up the mountain before I do.

The last eruption took a few lives and destroyed a good deal of property. But as I was standing there on the now hard and dry lava bed I wondered why it is that people think they can go up against mother earth and win. It really is a case of when Mother earth gets going, the tough might stay, but the smart get going!

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