11 January 2009


Down memory lane that is!

I was reminiscing about my youth and staying up late on Saturday nights playing cards with my friends and chilling out to Rage on the ABC. This got me to thinking about music and the bands that I have liked and the songs that I remember.

One of those bands is "The Pretenders" and their classic song "Don't Get Me Wrong".

This post is not for everybody and perhaps it is for nobody but me. Who knows?


schmerly said...

Great stuff mate, I've always been a fan of Chrissie Hynde, I like her "I'll stand by you" another golden oldie.

therry said...

I used to watch Rage on saturday nights (to mornings) too, they have better and more varied video music clips than the ones shown on commercial TV stations. Music clips are fun to watch!

PS: I know that Pretenders song from Bridget Jones' Diary movie soundtrack ;)

Rob Baiton said...


I had a couple of The Pretenders albums. To be honest I have no idea where they are now though.

Showing my age in this post ;)

I could really show my age and say that I used to watch "Countdown" with Molly Meldrum.


Rage was good value for money back in the day. I get to watch a couple of hours here every now and then on the idiot box through Australia Network.

Really, never watched Bridget Jones' Diary so I did not know that little factoid. Thanks!