25 January 2009

Facebook -- Relationship Status

Social networking has become a feature of our daily lives for many of us. Some might call it an addiction others a necessary evil and others see it as an essential business and marketing tool. I am a Facebook user. I became a Facebook user because my high school reunion last year used it as a means of communicating and tracking down members of the class of 1987.

Facebook has plenty of interesting features for users to exploit. One of these is the ability to note your relationship status. You can pretty much be any status that takes your fancy. However, this is not necessarily all fun and games. Some users take this seriously. The beauty of Facebook is that changes are instantaneous and your "friends" are sure to note any change in your status.

Now, in a tragic case in the UK a man murdered his wife in a "frenzied and brutal" knife attack because she changed her Facebook status from "Married" to "Single". The man has now been sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Perhaps one needs to think carefully before changing their Facebook relationship status.


gama said...

Menarik. Kalau boleh, saya post di FB Notes saya, Pak? :)


Rob Baiton said...

Go for it!