01 January 2009

No Direction Home

Bob Dylan is one of my favourite artists, if not my favourite, as I have just about all of his albums in my collection and most of those have since been ripped to my laptop and mp3. So, it is probably of little surprise that I have a copy of Martin Scorsese's Dylan-mentary.

The wife and I were not up for a New Year's eve out with Will. It was not so much that we were worried about him being out, he is already a frequent traveller, but managing the crowds. So, we stayed in. In any event, we have been pretty tired as it is quite a challenge changing routines and getting into new routines to raise a kid. Nevertheless, getting back on topic, I had purchased a legitimate copy of Scorsese's film (although if I had looked for it I could probably of found a pirated copy and saved myself IDR 250,000), so I watched it overnight and into the morning.

The beauty of the film are the relatively rare footage, some of it never seen before, that has been collected and forms an integral part of the film. It was also interesting to watch and listen to Dylan not only in his own words but those of his contemporaries and peers.

The jacket to the double DVD talks about a young singer who would change popular music forever, and this is not just hyperbole but an accurate reflection of the man's contribution. It is amazing to think how far and wide one man's influence has permeated popular culture and across so many genres of music from folk to pop. He is indeed a living legend.

For any Dylan fan this is a must see film!

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