27 January 2009

Durex -- Get It On!

Get it on indeed!

This is very funny (and no apologies if any of you, "my readers", are offended). In this day and age where abstinence is clearly not working, then a very funny condom ad is worth posting. There are a whole series of outtakes to the commercial which you can also find on You Tube.

I wonder if this would breach the provisions of the Indonesian Pornography Law?



schmerly said...

LoL!! I don’t know how you find this stuff Rob, but I bet some old religious crank would take offence at it.

Rob Baiton said...


The Internet is a weird, wonderful, and sometimes dangerous place.

Probably, this would offend some. Having had only one comment suggests one of two possibilities:

1. I do not have all that many readers in the first place; or

2. Those that I do have do not see any need to comment (perhaps they are offended)...

I thought it was great.

It is also worth following the link to the outtakes as they are really funny.