08 August 2008

Julia Perez Blacklisted by the MUI

The Head of the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) in Pekanbaru, Ilyas Husti, has decided that the MUI needed to issue a letter rejecting the visit of Julia Perez (aka Jupe) from visiting the city, and he has done just that.

Since when has the MUI been the arbiter of travel in Indonesia and since when have they had the power to ban the travel of private citizens? Furthermore, since when has the MUI had the power to regulate who political parties or any other organization invite to perform at the functions of these organizations?

The MUI really needs to pull its head out of the sand before it gets the communal backlash boot in the arse. This is the same sort of thing you would expect to see from fundamental Muslim elements who deem themselves as arbiters of what is entertainment. I always thought that the MUI liked to consider itself a moderate organization.

A recent example from Indonesia's near neighbours in Malaysia saw an Islamic student organization seeking a ban on Indonesia's "queen of the drill", Inul. Let's face it, both Indonesia and Malaysia have much bigger problems than a little hip wiggling at a political rally or a concert.

The overall expectation was that Jupe would participate in the celebrations that have been planned for Independence Day on 17 August. Independence Day in any country is an important day, one where the freedoms that independence have brought are celebrated by the masses. It is a time to let down the collective hair and enjoy being free. Unfortunately, for the citizens of Pekanbaru, the MUI seems determined to rain on this parade.

The problem seems to be that Jupe's reputation as a bit of a sex symbol proceeds her and the MUI is concerned that this image will get all the local lad's hormones raging and perhaps a bunch of testosterone engorged teenagers will lose the plot. Jupe is a bit of a sensationalist and panders to that image. Her most recent claim to fame involved the packaging of condoms with her latest album release. Considering, the heightened risk of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia, perhaps Jupe should be praised for her convictions rather than blacklisted for them.

Now is a time to celebrate Indonesia's rich cultural and ethnic diversity and not to curtail it. It is sad that the MUI cannot see this simple truth, that sometimes people just need to have fun!


Brett said...

Whenever politicians (let's face it, that's exactly what they are) start jumping up and down about the inane and ridiculou, it makes me wonder what is REALLY going on. What are they trying to distract us from? These guys are arseholes and the Central Govt are no better for letting this sort of crap happen. NOW, I understand why people keep saying things were better under Suharto!

oigal said...

Sas little bastards aren't they..although the whirlwind is coming and its gunna be very ugly

Rob Baiton said...


My take is that it is getting increasingly more difficult to distract the masses from what is really going on.


Just a whirlwind? :D

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they were making such a big fuss regarding the condoms either! Wasn't that a good thing, giving away free condoms?? I don't think even the government cares to do something like that.

If MUI thinks Indonesians only have sex because they get turned on by the sights of Jupe, they must stop consuming whatever hallucinative drugs they're taking.

People have sex all the time, especially in the villages. They get bored, there's nothing to do apart from screwing each other.

Why do you think they have so many children?

Rob Baiton said...

The MUI munching on the magic mushrooms is quite a thought :D

Nah, this is the reason that the English Premier League must be back on free to air! The men would then be too busy watching the soccer to be thinking about doing the deed with Jupe or anyone else!

Indeed, people have sex all the time! This includes Indonesia's biggest village, Jakarta!

Unknown said...

Indeed, people have sex all the time! This includes Indonesia's biggest village, Jakarta!

WELL, WHY THE HELL NOT ME THEN!!!!!! Bugger, thats right I'm a hairy little monkey man, that would explain it.

Anonymous said...

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