14 February 2011

McDonald's vs. Toni Jack's...

There is probably a good legal article in this dispute somewhere. But, truth be told, I do not have the time to read everything I need to in order to find it. But, maybe I will, it seems the interest might be in why the name Toni Jack's was chosen.

However, it would seem that the one-time franchisee, Bambang Rachmadi, of the McDonald's restaurant in the Sarinah Building in the heart of Jalan Thamrin in Jakarta had a falling out with the franchisor. In essence, what was once a landmark site and attraction for tourists and locals alike ceased to be. The dispute started back in 2009 and was to all intents and purposes resolved today.

What better day than Valentine's Day to signal the restoration of love between franchisee and franchisor.

It is hard to imagine the Sarinah building without Mickey D's. For as long as I can remember it has always been there. To see something else there would have been unsettling. After all, it was perfectly situated for the late night munchies. Not only was it close to the office, it was also close to lots of entertainment venues in that part of town.

Now that the Golden Arches are back in Sarinah it is time to start planning a holiday to Jakarta. It just would not have been the same without the famed restaurant in the fold.

Maybe the burgers are better at Toni Jack's? Sounds like an ad...for "Hungry Jack's"!

Ho hum...


Raijen said...

As long as Toni Jack's doesn't sell Rice and Fried Chicken, it wouldn't success in Indonesian market.

I wouldn't go to McD if they don't serve "Panas"!

site said...

This cannot really work, I feel so.