14 February 2011

It's Bald Bieber Time...

Yes, I know, there is something very wrong with how that sounds!

It seems the Bieber-meister (or is that monster?) has a new film out. In order to promote this exceptional foray onto the silver screen he has been doing the rounds of some of the best shows in town, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, and most recently Jimmy Kimmel Live. I like Jimmy Kimmel, he is a funny guy. He is also responsible for this really funny skit with Matt Damon taking the piss out of himself as Jason Bourne. It ends with "who the f*&k is Jimmy Kimmel. I remember it still.

I am sure that the Bieb's latest antics are going to cause quite a lot of teenage girl angst. But, that will pass because what is about to be described only happened in skit world.

Justin Bieber shaved his head. On this front, I am with Kimmel, he looks like a teenage Lex Luther. The Bieb's seems to think he looks more aerodynamic and a lot like Michael Jordan. There is one thing you can say about Bieber; the youngster is not short on confidence!

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