11 February 2011

Court Then Clubbing...

Lindsay Lohan is taking some stick for wearing this dress to court. The main beef with the outfit is that it would be equally at home on the dance floors of most nightclubs, and perhaps more appropriate. Lohan was in court facing a charge of felony grand theft. It is alleged that Lohan lifted a USD 2,500 piece of jewelery, a necklace, from a jewelery store in Venice Beach, California.

Lohan has pleaded not guilty and released on USD 40,000 bail.If convicted, Lohan faces, possibly, a few years in the big house.

I guess this is one of those stories that whets our collective appetites for celebrities coming off the rails and crashing and burning frequently in the public eye. For Lohan, it is sad that a career that started with such promise has fizzled out through self-destructive behaviour.

So, what about that dress...is there a little bit of Basic Instinct and Sharon Stone happening there. Hopefully Lohan did not recreate the most famous scene from that movie for the benefit of the judge.

Ho hum...

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