14 January 2010

Indonesian Prison Cells for the Rich and Famous...

Well, it seems that money is not only an asset on the outside, but it is also an asset on the inside as well. In this case, being on the inside refers to how much luxury one can afford to pimp out their cell with.

The above picture is of a cell occupied by Artalyta Suryani. Now, Suryani is enjoying her five years behind bars for bribing public prosecutors with regular spa treatments, plasma televisions, a karaoke room, a private bedroom, and a room to receive guests (the photo). Of course, all these special privileges are denied from ever being present or occurring. Nevertheless, perception is a powerful tool. Most Indonesians believe that the rich and famous can buy their way to special treatment in prisons,and this little expose by a government appointed fact finding team (a team tasked with rooting out and eradicating the judicial mafia) seems to confirm it.

On the luxury jail front. There were always rumours that Tommy Soeharto led a comfortable existence on Nusakambangan when he was incarcerated there. There were not only rumours about luxury living conditions, but also special "passes" for some cruising to Singapore for weekends away and the like. It is worth pointing out that I have not read anything that confirms those Tommy related rumours. However, the luxury living conditions seem to be standard fare for the well-to-do prisoners.

It would seem that perhaps Schapelle Corby is not living in the laps of luxury at Kerobokan that some other well-heeled prisoners enjoy in other jails throughout the archipelago.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Either shes lucky or the cops are being stupid, shes no different from other people

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