15 January 2010

Have You Seen This Man -- Osama bin Laden...

It has been a few years since Osama bin Laden, or Usama bin Laden depending on your preference, has made a public appearance anywhere or a photo of him has been released showing him alive and well. Nevertheless, with technology at the level that it is, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) convinced that the world's most-wanted man is alive and out there somewhere, they have released the above digitally age-enhanced images of Osama bin Laden and another 17 most-wanted fugitives. The digitally and age-enhanced images are available via the US State Department and the Rewards for Justice program. They are also available on the FBI site in their most-wanted terrorists section.

The fact that there is an image of Osama bin Laden with a head of hair and his beard shaved off and in western style clothes seems to suggest that the FBI has no idea where the fella is at, and concede that he might be living somewhere where a suit and tie would help him blend into the crowd.

So, if you see this man, or any of the others, you should probably contact your nearest law enforcement office and the FBI. You should probably also expect that they do not, and will not, want to go quietly so a citizen's arrest is probably not a good idea. All are considered to be armed and dangerous.

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