01 November 2008

A Jihadi Cemetery

The imminent execution of the murderous trio of Amrozi, Samudra, and Mukhlas has seen a mad scramble to see who can organize a fitting tribute to their Jihadist struggle. A fitting tribute for my mind would be an unmarked grave in the middle of nowhere. However, it seems that Cecep Hermawan wants to create a special Jihadi Cemetery in Cianjur West Java so that the "holy warriors" can be buried and remembered for the heroes that they were.

Hermawan's idea is that the Jihadi Cemetery can become a place where all Jihadists who lay down their lives in the pursuit of the cause, in this case the implementation of Sharia Law and the introduction of an Islamic State, can be buried in one place. Hermawan is so confident that pilgrims will come to his Jihadi Cemetery that he is donating one hectare of land for the project.

Hermawan has already approached the three killers about their interest in such a plan. The three seem to feel that it is a good idea. However, the families of the condemned killers, particularly the families of Amrozi and Mukhlas, are a little bit hesitant as the distance from their homes to the cemetery is considerable.

It is almost comical in a sense the competition that is being generated with regards to signing up the families of the soon to be dead killers to a burial spot. Achmad Cholid, one of the Muslim Defense Team lawyers, has suggested that there are as many as five offers on the table. The word is that the families are waiting official notification of when the executions are going to take place before they decide which offer to take.

They might not have to wait too much longer to make that decision. Most news agencies are on stand by and many are of the opinion that the 72 hour notification has already been given and the clock is ticking. For me, I am not sure that the authorities could keep the lid on the notification. The families and the lawyers would be sure to make the notification public hence the idea that the authorities could not keep a lid on this thing.

Shrine or no shrine, Jihadi cemetery or no Jihadi cemetery, there is not long now for these men who will soon no longer be drawing breath on this earth.


tere616.blogspot.com said...

Oh it's too gross, the jihad cemetery ?

It's not a jihad, what did they do, they killed a lot of innocence people, just in the name of "kafir" which is part of it is their own brother and sister ?

I still don't understand why the execution get a delay ?

Well, part of myself feel like am a murderer, if I relate to the amnesty right.

But the other part told me that they deserve it, because they create teror in our lives.

schmerly said...


What a crank this Cecep Hermawan is, wanting to build a jihad cemetery and shrine!
But there again perhaps he’s not so crazy, If people want to visit I wonder how much the entrance fee will be!

I’m just about sick to death of seeing these three morons ugly mugs plastered all over the news, along with their ranting and raving this whole thing has developed into a farce, I wish they would just get on with it and blow them away, if they were from any other religion they would have been dead long ago.

I feel sorry for the all people who lost friends and loved ones in the bombings, it’s about time they were given some sort of closure.

Unknown said...

uh uh... you know what i think.

put them in front of a truck, i'll drive.

i'm checking if there's any complain about the layout.

i'm off on my thing, might go online later tonite, but been drinking actually, so ninja skill less effective.

at the very least, i'll have entire sunday free - engine broke down. crap, i know.

cheers buddy, have a good weekend!

Rob Baiton said...


Depends on what your concept of Jihad is, don't you think?

You are not guilty for their crimes and to feel that you are suggests that you could have done something about it. I do not know you that well but these fellas seemed pretty intent on doing what they did and they remain proud of it.


Ah, the entrepreneurial spirit and capitalizing on someone else's grief.

Maybe on the religion thing.

Latest word is that the notification was given on Friday at 21.00 and the 72-hour clock is ticking.


Yep. I know your views on this one :D

Anonymous said...

Rob, I thought you were against the death penalty? However, you sound like you're ready to dig the grave(s) yourself.
Either your for it, or against it mate, there is no middle ground on such an issue.

Rob Baiton said...


Getting a lecture from someone not prepared to use their own name is a bit rich, don't ya think mate!

I can be against the death penalty and still write what I have written.

These fellas are not going to rot in jail. Most of what I have written, if analyzed from a legal perspective, looks at the appeal process and ultimately the execution of the sentence handed down.

I have not adopted the middle ground. I have been consistent. I have argued that if Indonesia is going to exercise its right to use the death penalty, and under international law it has this right, then it must be done so fairly.

Nevertheless, you are entitled to your opinion and you can express it here. I am not one to moderate comments. Free, open, and frank discussion is always the best way.

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